“. . . as [service members] return home and transition back into civilian communities . . . we ought to make it a priority to help them channel their experience, ethos, and desire for personal challenge into continuing to make a difference. Their strengths are our strengths, the steel of America’s national character.”



About Operation Double Eagle

The Warrior Alliance - Veteran Workforce Deployment

While veteran unemployment has been steadily decreasing, a more in-depth analysis reveals that veterans with barriers to employment are not entering the job market as quickly. To address the problem head-on, The Warrior Alliance is leveraging its collaborative model to drive skills development and employment for high risk veterans.

The program, called Operation Double Eagle, offers hope to a deserving population of military heroes facing hardship and unemployment at home. The goal of Operation Double Eagle is to align with a veteran’s specific goals and needs and re-tool the skills they mastered during military service to secure stable income and career opportunities.

Double Eagle - To Restore and Renew

The Operation Double Eagle symbol means to “Restore and Renew.” Our vision – to provide a platform of education, training, and apprenticeship for veterans with barriers to employment as part of a historical golf course renovation project. The benefits and outcomes are twofold; a “job ready” veteran workforce and a fully renovated, accessible golf course in the world mecca for golf- Augusta, GA.

The program incorporates an intense learning modules conducted at the Double Eagle Performance Center, a designated training facility for veterans, to receive hands-on instruction in construction and irrigation techniques prior to advancing to actual work sites. The center will be used for ongoing skills development to continuously produce a skilled veteran workforce for numerous industries in need of a talented labor pool.

The Program

The inaugural Operation Double Eagle program includes the renovation of the Augusta Municipal Golf Course (AMGC) in Augusta, GA. Through an agreement with the City of Augusta, TWA is collaborating with partners in education, vocational rehabilitation, and training to renovate the golf course with golf industry experts, while providing skills development and apprenticeship for veterans to enter the job market with professional experience. Veterans will complete the program with new abilities in many facets of construction, heavy equipment, turf management, irrigation, horticulture, maintenance, mechanics, and landscaping.

The AMGC 18-hole renovation will deliver a signature, ADA compliant golf course, and be recognized as one of the most accessible golf facilities in the nation. It is our vision to utilize the new golf course to increase play for all levels of golf abilities, with a long term objective of attracting world-wide programs for adaptive golf, especially for Veterans with Disabilities and Special Needs Youth.

The Warrior Alliance

The Warrior Alliance (TWA) has a mission to drive collaboration of veteran services that enable Warriors and their families to achieve transition success and fulfill a life of purpose within their communities. We believe that collaboration drives successful outcomes, and not just for individual Warriors but for the entire veteran services community.

That’s why we partner with companies, non-profits and key influencers who share our vision. Together, we help Warriors navigate their newest mission – civilian life – with confidence and competence.


Operation Double Eagle’s success is based on key partnerships with employers, the philanthropic community, and golf industry organizations to support the mission. The following are key benefits available to our partners:

  • Receive National Recognition as a leader in supporting veteran disability inclusion in the workplace
  • Contribute to Veteran Reintegration by establishing a ground-breaking program that incorporates individual rehabilitation with re-tooling of military skills
  • Help renovate an 18 hole golf course into a fully accessible, destination venue for Special Needs Youth and Disabled Veteran golf
  • Find Great Talent through the Operation Double Eagle Training and Internship Program
  • Boost Your Company’s Brand Reputation with your company logo designated as an Operation Double Eagle Founders member on all marketing materials, internet and social media
  • Leverage Tax Benefits as many of your contributions will be tax deductible
  • Achieve ADA Section 503 Compliance for federal contractors needing to meet new Department of Labor diversity regulations
  • Build a Legacy!

The success of Operation Double Eagle will be measured by the new careers that veteran graduates realize through our network of partners and employers that join the mission. Make the decision today to invest in the individuals who have sacrificed the most for our freedom. They are the best available candidates and the most qualified workforce our nation has ever produced.



For more information on Operation Double Eagle, or to become a sponsor, please send email to info@thewarrioralliance.org


“The Warrior Alliance has created an innovative solution for addressing our nation’s veteran unemployment crisis. By incorporating vocational rehabilitation as a key element for re-tooling veterans for private sector careers, the chances for successful reintegration are substantially increased.”


“Two initiatives joined together to solve a problem — restoration of a historical golf course utilizing skilled military veterans. The Franklin D. Roosevelt vision to provide opportunities for people with disabilities is alive again in the State of Georgia.”


“Operation Double Eagle enables veterans to heal from their military wounds while acquiring new job skills in one of the best environments for decompressing — a landmark golf course. Anyone with a passion for golf and our nation’s heroes should invest in Operation Double Eagle.”